Monday, February 1, 2010

SLPro! Conference

The SLPro! Conference, sponsored by Linden Lab, is opening today.

Details can be found here:

I'm very happy to be able to contribute, also!

On Wednesday at 12:00 noon (SLT/Pacific), I'll be presenting a session on programming efficiency:

Slaying the Lag Monster: Best Practices in SL Scripting for High Performance

- JB

Federal Virtual Challenge Info

Simplicity Labs is pleased to be participating in the Federal Virtual World Challenge.

Here's a brief overview of our entry:

Tactical Situation Visualization

> Purpose: To demonstrate that the benefits of immersive virtual world experiences need not be expensive time-consuming, or elaborate. This is a demonstration of an urban law enforcement tactical situation - where a sniper is located on top of one of the buildings of the U. of Illinois campus.

> Process: Satellite images were downloaded from Google. Very simple and yet effective "blocks as buildings " were created in place, to represent what can be seen from the satellite photos. Additional information from known surveying or landscape sources could easily be incorporated to provide more accurate building dimensions and elevations.

The "danger zones" of where the sniper could potentially harm citizens, and the "safe zones" where the sniper might be approached safely - are represented through colored areas.

> Premise: A 3D and immersive virtual world model allows for tactical scenarios to be worked out as a training exercise, but without the need for a high-cost solution. Based on our experience of this and other simple models, a university campus can be very adequatelymodeled with an investment of between 40 and 80 hours.

> Cost-Efficiency: We realize that funding is always competitive. By using a simple yet effective approach to Virtual World modeling, we are proposing that a larger number of venues can be modeled, resulting in a broader reach for training and preparation projects.

> Future: A natural extension of this approach would be to generate 3D models from GIS data feeds, known data sources such as railways, highways and traffic levels, etc. Beyond the scope of what is shown here, it's nonetheless well within the range of graphics, data manipulation, animation, and other projects Simplicity Labs has accomplished within Second Life.

> Our demonstation:

A miniaturized version of the original campus setup (that's one of the nice things about virtual worlds... you can scale them up and down, as needed), can be viewed from a "viewing stand" area in Second Life at:

There, you'll find additional information, and directions on how to interact with the demo:

"Office hours":

We are available most every day in Second Life, working on client projects of one form or another. There may be some small exceptions to this, but in general one of us will be available for chat/Q&A or for more in-depth questions about the display.

For questions, please contact one of us in SL: JB Hancroft, or Bitslinger Belgar.

It should take no more than 15 minutes to review the demonstration, including Q&A.

These are the hours we will endeavor to be available, for the FVWC review:
Mon - Friday: 0800h to 0900h EST
Mon - Friday: 1300h to 1400h EST
Mon - Friday: 1800h to 1900h EST
Saturdays: 0900h to 1100h EST
Sunday: 0900h to 1100h EST

Any other times: By appointment (Ask and I'll try to accommodate).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us in Second Life, or by email at (SL: JB Hancroft).